Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Upon the sea were many ships

One of the best aspects of the Vintage Trailer Jam was the SOB's or Some Other Brands. I enjoy the fact that I own an Airstream, but know that there are many cool vintage units that sport other names besides Airstream. I was able to tour just about every SOB at the Jam and thought they were all super special. The ratio was 30 Sob's out of 89 units at this event. I kind of wish there had been more to dilute the waters.

Sabrina Artel brought her Bee Line. She does a podcast called Trailer Talk from it so it serves as her home and mobile recording studio. I was interviewed by her, but have no idea what she was going after for a theme of her show. I think it is about why we all attend these vintage events and why they are different from other social gatherings.

little, little... Can you say Volkswagen Beetle tow vehicle?

This is an Eribe Puck that is German made and has to weight about 500 pounds tops. I had extensive photos of this trailer, but they were lost on my old hard drive.

There was a huge range in styles. This little canned ham was about eleven feet long. It's owner was the polar opposite to his trailer and I would have liked to witness him trying to squeeze through the door.

Some SOB's are even shiny aluminum just like Airstreams. This was a sweet little unit.

There were two fine looking Spartans. If you have never had the pleasure of seeing the inside of a Spartan, well you should. These babies are first class all the way.

This rig came down from Quebec. It looks like a an Airstream, but is totally home built. It was very cool and the owners were also fun to visit with.

The paint job here is doing the wave.

Nice decor..

This was my personal favorite SOB at the Jam. It is called a Kom- Pak Trailer. Yes, the roof is a boat and it is complete with oars. The thing I liked best about this trailer is that the person that restored it was fifteen years old. I am sure that Dad threw in a few hands, but it was pretty much his project. I feel there might be hope for the next generation when I meet kids like this. He was forthright and direct in his pride for what he had accomplished. He should be very proud of what he has done.

The back end folds down just like a tear drop trailer. Here you see Dad enjoying his morning the right way.

Very cool kitchen built into the rear end. I witnessed many meals being prepared on the Coleman white gas stove. The quality of the craftsmanship was very impressive to me. The fiberglass body work was as smooth as glass and the woodwork looked very professional. The as found state of this trailer would have left many thinking they were crazy to take this one on, but man did they pull off a sweet ride.


crowldawg said...

Thanks for the pictures .I really wanted to go .Now I know I missed one hell of a gathering.
Do you know if they are planning to do it again next year?
Are they planning a fourth seat for that podcast ? You do a great job .Your enthusiasm comes right out of the computer

bookmanpc said...

uh... that is a 70's Chevy Nova they are camping in and you darn well know it!