Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another blood letting

In anticipation of the tow North to The vintage Trailer Jam in Saratoga Springs New York, I thought it wise to pack the bearings. I have never done it, because I just hooked on and pulled when I bought Anna. I bare balled her home with no brakes to stop us and no friction bars to keep us from swaying, back and forth, back and forth. So facing a seven and a half hour tow each way, I just thought it prudent.
Well, blood was drawn in the process. I managed to smash my finger between the spindle and the hub. Blood poured from between the nail and cuticle like water from a fountain. Some how I was relieved by this, for blood always proceeds great success. It has been a lesson I have learned countless times. I use the example of both of my daughters births as prime examples. I  just always find things go smoother after blood is shed. 
     I have spared all of you from bearing repacking 101. There are countless examples of how to on the internet. It is actually very easy and very mundane, especially in the blazing hot sun. The only pointer I want to share is; If you plan to reuse your rear seals, make sure you gently pop them out. They bend and deform very easily. Anyway, ready to roll. We leave Thursday to go to Rob Baker's house for our first ever courtesy parking.


Rob & Zoe' Baker said...

Poor thing... hey - those rims look like they could use some powder coating Frank!

utee94 said...

I don't think Frank's really bleeding-- looks just like bearing grease to me!


Frank Yensan said...

I agree with you Rob, They could use some powder coat. Maybe someday soon, I think deep red would look sweet and wide whites too.

Marcus, the blood was diluting the grease and making it hard to keep the grease where it needed to be... thought it would be a black nail today, but the cut must have been under the cuticle.

crowldawg said...

Next time use a different colored grease for contrast

the byamcaravanner said...


How did you cut yourself watching Beth deliver two babies? ...and. things have gone "smoother" after the kids arrived than before? You need to work on your analogies.

Have fun at the Baker's ...don't get Rob's boys in too much trouble.