Sunday, July 20, 2008

One more from the JAM

The response I have gotten from this blog have been wonderful. So many people have reached out and told me how they feel. Some have even stated that they look forward to a new post. I wish I had some more done on Anna, but since we cleaned her out after the JAM nothing has happened. Sure, there is a ton of work to do, I just have been playing catch up with the work that pays the bills and trying to finish the siding of my house. Because I have done nothing on Anna, and because I have nothing truly new, I have opted to post more from the JAM

I thought I might post about our visit to the Saratoga Springs Automobile Museum. Wish my Grandfather was still alive because this is the type of museum he loved. He would take me all that he could find as a kid. Private or public, he loved to go look at cars. Well, the museum was just across the street from the JAM, and we made it in to see the show.

The museum knew I was coming, so just for me they had a show of my favorite car, the Pontiac GTO. I am sure someone will comment on how much better something else is, but I have always thought of the GTO as my favorite. As my friend Steve says, "The GTO is tits brother, tits"

Hey you can't camp in your GTO in the museum, get out of here you freak.

This right here has always been my favorite car. The 1967 GTO is my dream car for sure. I never driven one or even riden in one, but man they get me excited. If I were allowed to choose one car this would be the one for me.

Here is a real Ferrarri from the days when they were race cars. That red is still offered today.

Here is my car. I loaned it to the museum... Actually this is a nice little two seater. The guy showing us around said that the car could get 40 -45 mpg. Maybe the Playboy should go back into production. I would drive one of these for sure.

The radiator cap from a Pierce Arrow. This car was built by hand. Every single piece was crafted by a man not some factory produced parts. This car makes all today look like a Yugo. It had a bar in the rear, now that is my kind of car.

I always wanted to build one of these soap box racers but never did. These two were very cool.

Where I grew up we did not have real soap box racers like these. Ours were much more home spun.

I sure hope they don't drive like their mother. If they do, then this would be the right car for them.
In fourteen years this will be a reality...

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