Thursday, July 17, 2008


I have developed a great love for the water decal. I look at them as trailer trash high art. They captivate my attention when ever I see them and I just love the way they look on the door within the door. At any rally I snap many pictures of the ones I see. The Vintage Tailer Jam presented many of them to me.

I was turned on to the IMPKO decal when Rob Baker put them on his list of Christmas suggestions for the Airstreamers wives. I cannot tell you which VAP episode it was, but his mention of them sent me searching. I had never even noticed them before he mentioned it. Well the water decals produced in the 50's and 60's by IMPKO, Baxter Lane, Goldfarb, and Lindgren- Turner Co. have captivated my passion for collecting. I am a ruthless bidder on E bay that once I decide I want it, watch out.

I liked this one because it had a Vintage Airstream Podcast sticker

This here is my door. It is like a buffalo robe in that it tells a story. We camped in Virginia the first time. It was the WDCU Installation Rally in New Port News. Next we camped at Cunningham State Park in Maryland. Then came the Cherry Blossom Festival Rally, Crayfish rally in New Jersey, The East Coast Vintage in Stanton Va, the Vintage Jam... it reads like a history book if you know how to read it.

IMPKO Decals make any setting seem absolutely perfect... right down to the grill marks on the hot dogs. I never had the chance to talk with this couple, but their set up was picture perfect and the IMPKO decals on their door sure looked sweet.


Rob & Zoe' Baker said...

Ah, the love of water decals... just last night I had out my collection wondering which ones I'll be using as I make it to the Detroit Metro Rally in August, by way of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, PA, Ohio and Michigan!!! Just more door space used up!! Love it Frank!

Frank Yensan said...

you WILL be camping in all those locations right? I have only you to thank for the IMPKO obsession.

Brad Norgaard said...

Ah, water decals from the 50s and 60s. You'll no doubt be bidding against me so leave the western states alone. Happy bidding.


crowldawg said...

I have this vision of 4 or 5 guys sitting at their computers bidding furiously over a decal.
You have created a monster,lol