Monday, July 21, 2008

Artscape 2008

The city of Baltimore has been kind enough to have an arts festival every year. The festival is held on the campus of the Maryland Institute, College of Art, where I got my BFA. There is art everywhere, even some that is good. Food vendors come from all over to serve up all sorts of exotic stuff. But the highlight is always the free music. Over the years we have seen some fantastic acts here, and this year was no exception. This year the head liners were the Whalers. For those that do not know, the Whalers were Bob Marley's band. Being a huge reggae fan we had to go.

Beth had some Jamaican, I had some Lebanese, Ava had a good old fashion corn dog, and Halle had some of all of of ours. You have to love a festival with margaritas on tap. After we ate, we stumbled upon this Excella. I tried to find the owner, but no one was at home. The generator was cranked up, but no one was there.

The crowd was very into the show even in the 95 degree heat and not a cloud in the sky. Folks of all ages and colors were dancing away. Reggae has that effect on people, it makes you want to dance. Any way before the first song was over it smelled and felt like Jamaica in downtown Baltimore.

Getting ayrie they were.... For those about to or in the middle of polishing... this is the music that gets me going. For some reason reggae is very conducive to polishing.

You know there is some funky reggae going on when the bass player is wearing a bullet proof vest. Is that because there might be some husbands out there gunning for him?

We did have a fabulous evening dancing to some reggae as a family.


Oliver Mueller-Heubach said...

Hey Frank- just started checking out the blog- excellent! It was great meeting you at the Jam and getting to see Anna. Wish I could have seen inside (especially the bathroom after listening to the throwdown updates!)- but got rained in with Terry and Ted of the Impco-covered door. Looking forward to running into you again sometime soon- happy 'streamin! -ollie (and the puck)

Calynn said...

Hi Ava,

Wish I was there with you. Looks like you have fun.