Sunday, July 6, 2008

So what did you do with your four day weekend?

The main thrust of my super long weekend has been working on my house. I spent as much time as possible putting up siding. While Halle was awake, I worked on the house. When she napped, I worked on Anna. As of tonight, I have the end of the house done and up to the porch roof done. It is moving along steadily and that feels real good.

Today was a red bandanna day, the humidity was up around 95% again today, and the temperature was in the middle 80's. Perfect polishing weather... I put in my earbuds, turned the Ipod up to 11 and put on some Public Enemy, yyyeeeaaahhhh, boooyyyyyy..... fight the power within.... For some reason gangster rap makes me love polishing. After Who's Afraid of a Black Planet I put on some Tribe Called Quest and kept right on polishing. Polished most of the afternoon to hip hop, then switched over to Reagge. Brother Bob set the vibe and the polishing just got more and more groovy. A little Tosh, some Shaggy, and I finished up with some John Holt.     

I compounded the front end cap with Nuvite F7, then Nuvite A, then went over it all with the cyclo sporting terry cloth buffs. It shined up like a mirror now that all the oxide has been removed. 
Here are my numbers. I left the ghost numbers from one of the previous owners and put mine above, why mess with the history. I still need to do the rear end cap so I can put my numbers there too.

I even made the time to compound the front panel with F7,  then A, then cyclo. I did not do the battery box because it needs to be removed and repaired. Battery acid has corroded most of the bottom and lower sides. This winter I will drill it off and remake it in new 2024 T3 when the inner panels come off to renovate the front half of Anna.
I still need to do many hours of polishing before I will feel that I am done. So far there must be well in excess of 150 hours dedicated to polishing. 


crowldawg said...

Anna is sparkling .It really looks outstanding. Have a safe trip to Saratoga
I'll be listening to that pod cast

Denise - the local one said...

I love the secret shot of Cash!

Denise - the local one said...

what do the numbers mean? She looks GREAT!!!!

Frank Yensan said...

Those number are my membership numbers in the Wally Byam Caravan Club International. It lets others on the road look me up and say hello.

bnc4k said...

Very shinny! NICE! Leroy still looks sad and lonely. We are having a party on July 26th. we have a huge field to camp in or Natural Chimneys is 5 minutes away, you should gather some alunimaters and come see us!
p.s. is $800 a good price on a 1968 overlander--international edition. the interior is in better condition than leroy!