Friday, July 11, 2008

off to the JAM

So we set off for the Vintage Trailer Jam in Saratoga Springs New York. I handed my map to the navigator and off we went. Unfortunately the fine State of Pennsylvania felt it was the perfect time to close down miles and miles of highway for asphalting. The route we took was 81 and that is a major truck route. The trucks out number the cars 2:1 and in a traffic jam they just creep along making the problem even worst.To spare you all, five and a half hours became nine and a half, we missed dinner and almost was late for the taping of the VAP. It was supposed to be a "Frankless show", but Colin was AWOL and Frank was there to pick up the ball and run it home.
Well, this was the first thing I saw when I pulled in. Can you say envy? Can you say jealousy? Can you say covet?

Anna felt right at home next to Rob's Barn. We plugged in and slept like babies in the cool central New York air. Today we head out to Saratoga springs. If there is no major road construction, we should be there by noon.

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crowldawg said...

OMG are you sure the traffic jam wasn't because everybody was rubber necking looking at that trailer