Friday, July 18, 2008

A super special one

So this will be my last posting about the JAM. I have saved the best for last, and it will be well worth the wait.

This is a 1939 Clipper and it is currently owned by April and Andy Hershberger. April and Andy are members of the WDCU, so I have the pleasure of seeing them often. They are part of the young blood of the WBCCI and have been severely bitten by aluminitis. They got into it with a newer unit, but quickly converted over to a vintage one. Their trailer collection has been growing, but after this one it is all down hill.

This view is so classic of the pre war Airstreams. Those eyes peering out at you are mesmerizing to say the least.

This trailer was believe to be owned by the Mc Faul Brothers who were early country western stars. Very little of the original interior exist, for that matter, none of the interior exists. Very little of even the frame work that supports the shell remains. Andy and April have a major job ahead of them for every inch of the trailer will need to be custom made. I doubt anything could be bought right off the shelf. I hope they have a restorer with great love in his heart to do this one. It will take more than money, it will take extreme passion and compassion. There are at least two exterior skins that need replacing and all the wooden frames inside were made of laminated wood strips. Many forms will have to be created to make all of those and hundreds of strips of wood milled out to be glued together.

Fred Caldwell, historian for the Vintage Airstream Club, was to give a talk on weather this was actually an Airstream. He had a talk put together with slides, but the weather forced it to be canceled. I was fortunate enough to run into him the next day and ask the question. I said "Fred, is it or not?" He told me the answer, but I will wait until he has published an article in the Vintage Advantage or discloses it for the VAP listeners. If you ever run into Fred, you will be graced. His service to the club is exceptional and his expertise is unbelievable. I could have spent days listening to him talk.

April and Andy, If you read this, keep me in mind, I will love her like you do.


Anonymous said...

Frank, Thanks for including all the pics in your blog. Makes me sorry I did not attend. Kevin

Frank Yensan said...

Kevin, Next year.... This event was right up your alley. I wish you could have come too.

John said...

I just want to say thank you for your blog in general. I may not post a comment to each entry, but I check it daily with my morning coffee and look forward each day to your frequent updates. Keep up the good work. I'm certain that I am not the only person that feels that way.


crowldawg said...

That rig looks like it was out of some old Flash Gordon movie.Its beautiful

April Hershberger said...

Thanks for the photos and general good karma- we have been polishing some more but will call you before we delve into the interior. Great blog!
April & Andy