Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Over the mountains we went

I have to apologize that this post comes so late after the fact. My youngest dropped the Mac Book from the truck while fueling up at a Flying J. The impact broke the hard drive and killed the computer. Apple was kind enough to fix it for free, but four years of memories stored in my photos of all our trips has been lost. Anyone reading this, that has been putting off backing up such stuff, do it now. It is devestatting to know that the birth of Halle, many birthdays, trips to Costa Rica, Mexico, the western states, and countless family events are gone forever. I still have some restoration photos because of this blog, but almost all are gone. I had been procrastinating and for that I have paid the ultimate price. Learn and live, live and learn... Don't be a fool like me, back your shit up today.

Anyway back to the fun... We slept at Rob Bakers house as you saw in my last post. Rob's wife Zoe is as wonderful as it gets. She made us feel like family and my only regret was that we could not have stayed longer. I find it an odd thing that one can feel so comfortable around someone that was not too long ago a total stranger. I have been experiencing this with many of our Airstream friends. Rob and Zoe really make us feel like family and to that I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
We were sent away with a pancake breakfast and some directions of how to go over the mountain to Oneonta on some of the roads that are gray lines on the map. Let me tell you, central New York is a beautiful place. That section of our trip was some of the finest scenery on the entire trip. Eventually we did have to get on the highway, but even the scenery from 88 was nothing to sneeze at.

Anna likes hanging out with the big boys at the rest areas. I could see her flirting with many a polished tanker and quilted aluminum trailer while we stretched our legs and used the facilities. It is no problem, I am not jealous, because I know where she sleeps at night.

As I came up next to this guy I could see him pushing the pedal to the the floor in a vain attempt to get his rig moving faster. He was yet another SOB left behind Anna's wake.

see you down the road.....

And my girls slept right through all the excitement. Sure must be nice being the passenger.

All along the highway we were looking for other trailers heading to Saratoga Springs. Not one was to be seen except white boxes on the highway. The reason we could not find any was because they were all in Saratoga Springs all ready. We pulled up to the event and were greeted by a sea of trailers.

I must say seeing so much vintage aluminum in one place was quite the sight. Seeing vintage aluminum that was not just Airstream was an even better treat for me. In my next post I will highlight some of those non Airstream units.

I am lucky to have a good friend on the parking crew. Mr. Mistral Blue was kind enough to have saved me an extra special spot in the back, in the trees, away from the main crowd, and right next to him. Even though I had run out 185 feet of cords to get my three amps, it was well worth the nice setting. This is our third time camping with Mr and Mrs Mistral Blue. Each time it gets better and better. Also near us were many members of the WDCU so family was close by. I seem to be graced with seeing the usual suspects at these events, and I really like it.


silverhobby said...

Sorry for your loss of pictures. The memories will remain in your mind.

John said...

Sorry about you losing your pictures. You've given me motivation to do a backup.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't necessarily say that all those memories on the hard disk are gone. They _could_ be recoverable.

There are some tricks you can try at home, some you can send away for. If the drive spins a little, you might have a chance.

So, well, don't completely give up, but yes, backing up is important. Sorry to hear for the loss of data. Never a fun thing, ever.

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you and all of your lovely ladies again. (Anna looked terrific, btw.)My little boy blue can't stop telling all his friends (and grandparents) about the birthday cake you guys surprised him with! You really made his day special and I can't thank you enough.

Take care,

Rob & Zoe' Baker said...

I love the flag pole holder... it makes the TRAILER!

Tim Shephard said...

Trailer is looking great! On the mac, get Leopard on it and pick up a usb harddrive for $100 or so. Plug it in once in a while and let Time Machine do its thing.

crowldawg said...

I don't want to be th 7th person to tell to back up data so I won't.
I wasn't brought into this world in those mountains around Oneonta but I was born there .Met my wife had my first kid,while I majored in wondering around every dirt road,hunting, fishing,and taking in the sights.I didn't go to class to often
The one trip that my health allowed me to take this summer was to a valley just east of where you stayed on the way to the Jubilee