Friday, February 6, 2009

They're here.....

Well exactly three weeks to the day, my axles arrived via Yellow Freight. They were strapped down nice and tight to the pallet, the hubs were well protected with bubble paper, and a bag containing all the nuts bolts and instructions was bound to all of that. The powder coat is nice a thick and was applied very uniform. I put my tape measure to them and they are exactly what I ordered. I am anxious to install them, but it has been too cold. This morning it was 16 degrees when I got up, that was our high temperature yesterday. Tomorrow the forecast says it will be in the high 50's. Kind of funny living where I do. The weather, like the state itself cannot decide if it is part of the South or the North. I sure am looking forward to spring, it has just been so cold. I have burnt five cords of wood and have only a days worth left. I need to get on the horn and get some delivered as soon as possible. Hopefully in the next few days I will be putting these axles on.

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Anonymous said...

them's some shiny axles Frank! Can't wait to see them on... 16 to 50 is quite the swing. Hope it's not muddy under that trailer!

Love the work!