Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Yes Man (and his wife)

We have some very dear friends that have appeared many times over the years on this blog. We have a very unique relationship with Don and his wonderful wife Amanda, and we never say "NO" to them. When asked if we could meet halfway between our two homes, the answer was a firm "YES" even if it was late Friday afternoon. It was determined that Atlantic City was close to the mid point. What the heck, I have never been to Atlantic City. It is my favorite Band song, too...

Then there was yet another temptation-- an RV Show.

I have never had an RV Show experience. I had always wanted to have the RV Show experience. I actually kind of felt dirty afterward. Like Outback's Bloomin' Onion, I needed to do it once. The anticipation of it was far different than the actual experience.

We toured the $250k class A motorhomes. Even looked at a $400k Diesel pusher with 5 huge flat screen TV's.

Colonial Airstream was there.

We inspected the workmanship. I am refraining from too much commentary.

I kind of like the different tones on the segments and rear panel.

A popped rivet on a brand new unsold unit? It probably pulled out when someone tried to pluck all the plastic film that was left when the rivets were popped on top of the film.

At least there were a few Airstreams in a sea of white boxes. Check RV Show off the list, been there, done that, moving on for sure.

We love living so close to the Atlantic. Last year marked the least amount of visits to the beach. We only went once. In past years we went every few weeks, all summer long.

Watching the sun rise will never be crossed off the list.

Atlantic City has casinos. I'd call it the Poor Man's Vegas.

Many casinos look so foreign on the landscape...

...especially when they sit right across the street from an old Victorian. This is the only house left in the entire block. The day we arrived in A.C., a building still stood on this lot similar to the one remaining.

All over the city are lost, single houses facing a big black wall like this one. Imagine how nice it was when houses lined the street. This one sits less than a block from the beach.

Notice all the vacant lots.

So much undeveloped land. The vacant lots, boarded buildings, and solitary homes give A.C. a truly depressing feel. Enter a casino and it is a totally different world from the one outside the doors, though you can't escape the seedy desperation that permeates the smoke-filled air.

Something outside the normal to see is Lucy the Elephant. To avoid any mistakes, the history of this roadside attraction is best left to Wiki.

Unfortunately, this is the off season and the attraction was closed. Now I will have to come back to Margate City.

We had to admire her from outside the fence. Pretty cool building. Hard to believe it was built in 1882. I am so glad someone has the foresight to preserve it.