Sunday, February 28, 2010

AANNNNHA... AAHHHNNAAA... I miss you so.

I had gone into Winter determined to embrace it. I was determined to find some deep apreciation for the cold and the snow. I have many friends living where it is much colder and much snowier than Maryland. Well folks, I officially hate Winter. I want the trees to leaf out, the birds to sing a happy song(not the one they currently sing of desperation... tweet tweet, oh shit, the snow is tweet tweet coving all the food tweet) and to be able to wear a t shirt again. I hear my Birkenstocks crying in the closet. I have had more than enough winter this winter for certain.

I mostly miss Anna though. She sits out in the field with the other ladies of Frank's Trailer Works. Until the 15th, the road into Mikes house had not been plowed out. He had a well stocked pantry and just stayed put after the big snow. Eventually he had to break down and pay a guy with a front end loader to dig his mile long driveway through the woods.

I went over to see how the ladies fared. I cranked open the propane tank, lit the cat heater and mixed a cocktail. For an hour I just sat on the couch and day dreamed of past trips, future trip, and anything that came to mind.

I sure miss my Mistress.

Friday, February 5, 2010

From Marcus

For Marcus, to Marcus, and now from Marcus....

I went to the mail box and instead of my notice that I won the Global Power Lotto prize of ten gazillion dollars, I found a non descript envelope from Austin Texas. Marcus wanted to be sure I was able to fix up some ribs with the proper rub on them. I think a trip to the butcher for a slab or two is in order for this weekend.

Thank you Marcus. I am very grateful...