Saturday, August 15, 2009

My really KILLER weekend Part 6

You might ask what this post has to do with Airstreaming. Well, it all took place during my weekend and to me it was all part of the adventure. I probably would not have had the experience without my Airstream.
Just down the road from Rob's Farm is a beautiful river. It is actually called Canasawacta Creek. It is a very beautiful creek with lots of little waterfalls along it. This eventually feeds into the Chenango. Most people buzz up Route 23 never notice the creek much because they are so busy maintaining maximum speed. There is however an old mill in South Plymouth that has been many businesses over the years.
The mill is currently a Church, but behind it is a beautiful water fall. My buddy Ace and I were off fetching bacon for breakfast and I made him stop so I could see the falls first hand. I had always wanted to see it and there was no time like last weekend.
I do not know if the flow was low or high, but being up close and personal with the falls is a wonderful feeling. Even a small waterfall like this has a good deal of force behind it. It is a shame the mill does not still run making some fine crafted products.
The rock is in very thin layers and it is kind of broken into rectangles. This makes for an excellent flow of water over the rock. The rock is not too terrible hard and can be broken off in sheets. I just happened to notice an odd shape on the rock surface. The fossil hunter hat came on and presto...

It is not so often that one finds a fossilized shell. The imprints of the shell are frequently found in stone of this type, but to find the actual shell replaced by mineral is a different story. Many millions of years ago this entire area was a sea bed. Today it is bucolic farm land.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My really KILLER weekend Part 5

In any of the previous posts did I mention eating? Did I mention steaks on the grill?

John, that's him on the right. He bought a whole mess of steaks from the local butcher. Rob bought bicolored sweet corn and new potatoes. Steve and I helped John grill the steaks up while Rob and Zoe cooked corn and potatoes. Not sure why, but Zoe often is missed when the photos are taken. Here are the four of us taking a quick beer break from grilling.
Steve takes grilling very serious. His focus was mind blowing. The smell of searing flesh could be had for miles around. I bet folks three valleys down had their mouths a watering.
Linda and Sue are always ready willing able to lend a hand in any situation. They served the kids first and then the adults. Floyd and Dick are wise men. They know not to be shy, but instead, step right up. Floyd is renowned for his insatiable appetite. Saturday night he was sated.
The call went out numerous times to "please eat more steak". But we had so much left over. John could have bought half what he did and it still would have been enough. What a generous fella he is. I know I said it more than once already, but... Thank You, seriously, thanks.
Ace and Steve were talking Scotties and trying to let the beef settle. Ace not only has a killer 1966 Caravel, but he also has two sweet Scotties. We were graced with his 1973 this time around. It was nice to see something besides silver in the mix. However there are Scotties that are all aluminum and they polish up too.
There is Zoe trying to avoid the picture and fix Braedon up with some dessert. You can see Ace's Scotty in the background. People talking amongst themselves in the mid ground. There was a lot of talking going on all weekend. A ton of laughing too. Fortunately there was very little crying.

Who knows what Rob and Jerry are talking about. Perhaps it was about how cool it was of Jerry to donate so many cases of beer to every one. Cheers to Jerry, and thank you again for the kind buzz you supplied me throughout the weekend. I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed the beer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My really KILLER weekend Part 4

One of the greatest things about a good rally is the kids. At the Just Camping weekend the kids were close to matching the adults in their numbers. To me, as a parent, I find this to be a sign of a very healthy Unit. We are bringing in the next generation for the club.
Dick and Ethel Perkins, are kids in their own minds. Here they are eating pizza with the teenagers in the group. They might not listen to the same music, but they know how to have a great time just like the kids. When I grow up, I hope I have the spunk to get around like Dick does. He and his lovely wife are up in the Adirondack Mountains camping this week too.
Boys got to be boys this weekend. Swimming, fishing, drinking too many sodas, and lots of grab assing around was what any young man needs every once in a while.
I know my Halle had a great time. She could be found often bare footed in her party dress.
This toy kept the kids busy for hours at a time.
They took turns being trapped inside. The youngest never tired of it.
Good things the boys were off hunting frogs or something similar, or they might have realized they could toss each other up in the air with that thing.
Hope Rob does not mind, but these two have a future together. Halle is reading to Braedon and he actually seems to be listening. That won't last, he will soon get good at pretending to be listening.

The kids are always first in line for food. At Happy hour, breakfast, or dinner they were not shy about stepping up. They jumped right in there for the steak dinner which I just might post about in Part 5. I am just so glad to see so many kids enjoying them selves together.

my really KILLER weekend Part 3

Kids, Do not do this while drinking or even while preparing to drink

My really KILLER weekend Part 2

Eating well was an underlying theme at the Just Camping weekend. I was honored to cook everyone breakfast all three mornings. We had pork and more pork with potatoes, eggs, pancakes, and french toast made from Deborah's home baked Challa bread.
Steve Klohn, Zoe Baker and I made fresh pizza on Friday night. Fifteen awesome pizzas all baked in Airstream ovens were served.
Now who does not like pizza, especially on a Friday night when movies are being shown?
Some of the ladies got to eat together away from the men folk and the children folk. It was actually nice to see them all relaxed and laughing together. I backed away slowly and let them have their space.
But I must come back to the Happy hour contributions, for they were stelar. Sonia made these falafel pockets. For some this is a meal, but at a WDCU Happy Hour, it is a snack.
Deviled Egg. Who the Hell does not like deviled eggs? Sue, they were some of the best. Could you make this a regular thing?
I don't know who made this. It kind of looks unappetizing in the photo, but WOW!!! The flavor combinations were spectacular.
Sub sandwich anyone?

I don't know who made this one either, but cheese and pepperoni biscuits of some sort were mighty fine.

I hope someone responsible for the Happy Hours at the International in Madison sees this post and the last. Perhaps someone hosting a future rally might also take note. Some important lessons can be learned by comparing "how it was" and "how it could be". To reflect, I want to end this post with a photo of "how it was"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My really KILLER weekend Part 1

We took Anna out this weekend for a little bit of fun. After a week at International, we needed a real camping experience.
Of course Anna is always the star of my small world, but this weekend the real star was this man...
That is Rob Baker and he hosted a KILLER Rally this weekend. I actually am describing the event incorrectly. It was "Baker's Acres Just Camping Family Gathering". I am going to tell anyone reading this, if you see another one of these advertised, you had better make it happen. If you do not, you are cheating yourself out of a HELL of a great time. I will most likely need a few posts to explain why I am making this statement.
The first good reason is the location. Baker's Acres is 62 beautiful acres located in Central New York. The weather could not have been more perfect, with daily highs in the mid seventies and lows in the fifties. Baker's Acres has a pond for fishing, a pool to swim in, and wonderful landscapes to enjoy. But what really made the weekend special was the attendees. Everyone pitched in and had a great time together. Almost everyone there is a WDCU member, but all were welcome to come. There was a wide range of trailer. Two Scottys and a Shasta made for great variety in the group of Airstreams.
I always measure a gathering/ rally by Happy hour. Happy hour is what I will focus on in this post. What is not to love about a Happy Hour Like this one.
Yuengling is the unofficial beer of the WDCU and Yuengling was present in no small quantity.
No one sliced open a bag of pretzels and set them on the table with out a thought of presentation. Instead, it appeared to be a competition of who could out do whom. If I do not mention your dish personally I am sorry, they were all excellent. Even the bowl of just plain chips was excellent, they were hand cut, hand cooked potato chips...
Kelly came all the way from Wisconsin to make this dish. Pita with pesto and tomatoes....
Garnett knows how how to win the hearts of the ladies. None could resist the chocolate covered strawberries. I had one too...
Mary Kim had some aged cheddar and home made pesto. Now that tasted so good on those crispy crackers.
Zoe made some toasted French bread with blue cheese and honey melted over it. What an awesome flavor explosion that was...
Laurie made this shrimp dish that I did not try because I was full when it hit the table, but Beth said it was her favorite thing at Happy Hour.
Good old fashioned ice cold super sweet watermelon. Locally grown from Uncle Don's Farm stand...

Next post will probably involve more drinking and more eating and a whole bunch of good times.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All for my baby

Anna got two nice gifts from Daddy today. I bought these name plates from my one and only vendor, Vintage Trailer Supply. The originals were supplied to Vintage by Rob Baker and Steve had them reproduced. They will make a fine addition to a fine looking trailer.

I just need to find some fender wrap or properly sized "j" channel for a frame around them and they will be installed.