Monday, July 8, 2013

Not My First Bash

Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows I host an Airstream gathering,  called the Birthday Bash. Originally called the Wally Byam Birthday Bash, we had to change the name when the Wally Byam Caravan Club International sent us a cease and desist letter. They felt only they could use the founder of Airstream's name even if we were honoring him by having a birthday party. This year was our fourth Birthday Bash.

The first year we held the Bash, Dale "Ace" Goldberg was a volunteer who was always lending a hand. He helped out from sun up till moon up. Ace has been my Co host ever since. I honestly am not sure I could do it without him. This years event was stellar to say the least. We did not have our biggest turnout with 33 rigs in attendance, but the quality of those who came was unsurpassed. The response I got from those who came was all positive. If anyone had any complaints, they did not let me hear it. Not hearing a single complaint this year was one of the many "firsts" I experienced. Someone has let you know at all previous Bashes, but not this time around.

First time experience was a theme I heard a great deal over the 5 days. Just a note, the photos do not correspond with the words specifically. This is a blog first for me.

There were a number of "first time ever" at an Airstream gathering.

Many, many, first timers at a TAC event. 

First time to not camp in an assigned camp site. We had a rather organic parking going on. It was not Rick's first, but it was for others.

There was a first camping trip as a married couple.

There was the first time camping in a new trailer.

First time sleeping in a tent. 

The first time tasting some moonshine.

The first time riding a bike.

The first time making ice cream from scratch.

The first time denting ones trailer.

The first time trying Taylor's Pork roll.

The first time catching fire flies.

The first time doing a scavenger hunt.

The first time tie dying a T shirt.

The first time building a rocket.

The first time launching a rocket. I especially liked the self admitted "first time for Ganny shooting rockets off! What a blast this is! Why did I wait to get this old to do this"

I don't think there was a first kiss ever. There might have been, but I doubt it.

"I have never even heard of huevos rancheros. Now I love them"

"I never saw RV. I think I peed my pants I laughed so hard"

There was a first time not leaving the venue for 5 days straight.

There was a first time ever trying a margarita. Not Lori or Greg however. They know there way around a margarita.

there was a first time camping with the kids.

There was the first time buying a real Bambi, not the later trim line by Airstream, called Bambi.

There was the first tour of the brand new unit. The tour was well broken in by the end of the event.

How about the first time you ever heard a bull frog? Do you remember that event in your own life? Three kids heard bull frogs for their first time. 

When did you see your first shooting star? I know a little girl who saw her first this weekend. 

There was the first tow with a new truck.

The first time a trailer's shower was used even after years of ownership. It is now a habit to use it instead of the one in the bath house. 

There was the first time I had nothing to say. Nothing needed to be said.

This was not their first nap in the lawn chair. 

This was the first time I did not have the the opportunity to drink a little too much with one of my favorite people in the world.

I think a few got to see how real pulled pork is created for the first time. 

Many first took place during Bash4.

I am sure a number of them happened without me noticing. I am very glad they happened, because we tend to remember our firsts.