Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sa Wheat...

If you go way back to the beginning of my blog you will read me mention Sam. He was kind enough to help me with some parts for Anna. We have never met face to face, but what I do know about him I do not just like, I envy. He has sent me pictures of his strip canoes and many of him hiking in some extreme mountain setting. But what always takes me by short and curlies is photos of his 1948 Boles. He sends me photos of this trailer in places only God, mountain goats, and winter blizzards belong.
He posted this photo on Airforums and my commentary got me a stack of photos of the nine week complete restoration he just did on that sexy little Boles. I asked him if it would be alright to share them with you, and in a usual Sam response he saw "no problem in that. " Folks enjoy, this is a super sweet little trailer.
I cannot find the first set he sent that show the exterior and new flooring, but there she sits in his barn.
Take note, that is all new wood you are looking at there. Very tight crisp construction.
New plumbing and cushions on top of all new wood fixtures.
Refer cabinet and wardrobe...
That is all spalted birch. I am telling you that is very tight! Not just run of the mill birch, he used spalted. Sam is a man that loves wood.
Sam is a man that knows how to work with wood. I have very inappropriate expletives I want to insert, but I am trying to keep it clean.

I would love to sit there and eat a plate of bacon and eggs... cream in the coffee...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Big snow Big show

Many of you will read this and say 20+ inches? What is the big deal? But here in Maryland 20 inches of snow is our normal snow fall totals. Where I live we felt the brunt of the storm and got the most of all surrounding areas. My unofficial yard stick in the snow just outside the shop door read 26". The airport, where weather is made official is about 4 miles away said it was 20.5".
Not sure how you see it but that looks like a lot more than 20.5" sitting on top of LuLu.
I love a big snow because all the neighbors pull together and work toward getting us cleared out. In Baltimore, when we get an inch the entire city comes to a grinding halt. Schools are closed and will most likely be for the rest of the week. My oldest has been saying "Christmas break came early this year, there really is a Santa Claus."
My youngest has been saying "Daddy I have stepped into the snow and I can't get out!!!"

Something that did warm my heart during the blizzard was my Mail Man coming on foot to bring the mail. He is getting a big gift this year. In his hand among the bills and junk mail was a copy of the Vintage Advantage. This is my last issue due to me resigning from the WBCCI. I really like the Vintage Advantage. This issue contained a very special photo.
Tim had been talking about how difficult it was to find a real beret. All he had been able to find were the polyester one that the Club now sells. I had bought vintage ones for Beth and I but she refused to wear it. It had been riding around in Anna for a few rallies. I went in the closet and presented it to Tim. There was a need and I was able to fill it. I made his day and his gratitude made mine. I really love that photo. I was riding on cloud nine at that moment. I had spent five days caravanning to Madison with very good friends. Dale Schwamborne had been riding with me telling me all kinds of great stories about his life, and it had been one super adventure up till this moment. We were all lined up to parade through the International rally grounds. It was 11 in the morning and we were all so glad to be there. This photo was taken a half hour before I went from club zealot to a disillusioned member.