Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Carlisle Spring Meet

This is perhaps a post that should be on Frank's Trailer Works Blog. I am not sure...

Car folks all talk about Carlisle. It is a Mecca of sorts for lovers of old cars and things that run off of motors. I felt the need to experience Carlisle for myself.

I generally insert facts here about acres, attendance, or history. I really don't feel like it this time.
Carlisle is massive.

You cannot see it all in one day. Rental Hoover Rounds are very popular here. They allow you to cover it all in one day. That is of course, if you don't stop and touch the rusty gold.

If you collect it, and it is on the masculine side of the scale, you will probably find it at Carlisle.

If it is something you really love, or if it something you are nostalgic about, you will find it at Carlisle, in neon.

Carlisle is one giant yard sale for dudes(Mostly. Don't hate on me because that sounds sexist. I am being honest here)

Acres and acres of stuff you never knew you needed.

This is the place to hunt for parts you need for that latest project. It is also a great place to find those things you never knew you might need some day.

Some guys entire year revolves around this event. They do not do it to make a ton of cash, most do it because it is a lot of fun to be at Carlisle.

You will meet some very nice people. Mike lives for Carlisle. Mike was my next door neighbor.

The El Camino is a very popular car at Carlisle. 

I found a number of old trailers while walking around. Old trailers are a bonus at Carlisle. They give you a place to camp over night between the selling. Yes, vendors are allowed to camp over night with their stuff. Do you now see where this is going?

I am amazed at all the things I found for sale.

The vendors are almost as interesting as the stuff on the table.

This was the space I shared with my buddy Dale Goldberg on day one. We had a lot of stuff to start the week off. I made my first sale within 10 minutes of showing up.

This is our space at the beginning of day two. Half of all the things I brought are gone at this point including the Vietnam Vespa. The Vietnam Vespa is a funny campfire story. Make sure you ask me to tell that story next time you have me around the campfire.

This is our space at the end of day two. Two thirds of my treasures are gone by this point. 

This is our space on the final day. I was doing everything in my power to not make my space look like the grocery store the night of a predicted 2 inches of snow. I returned with three banker boxes of stuff. The truck was full when I left. 

I have a pretty good eye for trends. Mark my words, the next big thing in adult toys; mini bikes. The rattier the better.

You heard it from me first... rat rod mini bikes.

Cool toys will always be cool toys. 

Now here come the cars. 
I am not going to comment so you can enjoy for yourself. This is a very minor sampling...

This was the car I wanted to take home. 1959 Mercury with the correct number of doors. He took my number but passed on my offer.

I think a new tradition has been started...