Sunday, May 18, 2014

(some of the) Beards of the Gettysburg Blue Grass Festival

This weekend I went to the 68th Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival at Granite Hill Camping Resort. We had a great time Airstreaming. I stepped into my artist shoes for the weekend.

It all began with this guy on Thursday about an hour after I got Anna set up for a long weekend. I asked him, "Can I take your portrait?" His response was, "Why?" I responded, "I am doing a photo series of guys with beards and you have a handsome beard, my man!" His response, as were the next 100 or so, was "Fuck yeah, Brother." 

No one turned me down. I got to know each one's name, what he did for a living, and was often invited for a drink. I got to know a 100 or so total strangers by taking one portrait photo.

Portraits are very difficult. Any good, professional photographer will tell you so. I selected some of my favorites.

I enjoyed the challenge.

The camera was even turned on me by this character below. He insisted I come to his campsite and drink a beer with him. 

 Earl said I had to send him a print, "And not one of those Walgreen's piece o' shit cheap ones, neither! A real print!" in exchange for taking his image. He told me he had just trimmed 6" off the week before.

I am so glad I did this project. I will be doing it again very soon.