Sunday, October 23, 2011

For the past few days now I have had a troubled mind. The question "How will you explain this to them?" For the past two years I have not camped with a great bunch of folks called the Washington DC Unit due to my boycott of their Mother Club. Fortunately this past weekend was a WDCU buddy rally and we (and a number of others in my same position) went to it.

Fall is an excellent time to go camping. The crisp air makes one truly appreciate how cozy a little heat in the trailer can be.

The color of the leaves also makes the Airstreams glow in the forest.

Trailers of all ages were in the campground making for a beautiful view almost any where one looked.

For many years we camped with all of these people and it was very nice to see them again. Nothing breaks the ice like sitting around a campfire.

I love the sight of Airstreams in the morning.

I also like to see the reflections of people laughing in the polished aluminum.

We managed a side trip to the Central Market in Lancaster (thats lank-ist-tur, not Lan-cast- tur). As a kid my parents would go to this market to buy from the Amish farmers. We always brought a big cooler for the meat and the rear of the car would be full of vegetables and baked goods. It was only open Tuesdays and Fridays. Now it has Saturday hours also.

The building has not changed, but the market sure has. Instead of being filled with Amish vendors, there were just a few.

That guys is not Amish. Do the Amish drink tea? It contains caffein.

The mason jars are nice homey feel, but the Amish never sold us any smoked paprika or Spanish saffron.

They do still sell you some yummy cookies.

They also supply the milk vendor who sure knows how to market it as organic and Amish produced. I do not think we ever paid $5.99 for a quart of table creme.

Do the Amish have a thing for sweets or is it all of us that crave it?

They do know how to process their animals into some very tasty meats. Yes, I not only eat all you see in the case, but I love it.

Halloween was celebrated at the campground. Some actually took the decorating very seriously.

For me, it is all about the campfire.

I really want to thank the nice people of the WDCU for making me feel so welcome. It was very nice seeing you all after so long.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I am not sure if this gift was intended for me or weather someone else is trying to move in on my girl, but we got an awesome gift last week.

In the mail came this gorgeous 1962 plate from Ohio. My client Chris saw this on Ebay and thought of me(and Anna I suspect). For a number of years now I have been collecting old plates to decorate Frank's Trailer Works with. I mostly go for the old rusted ones collectors all pass on. This plate is not going on the wall however.

Anna will be wearing it proudly. Thank you Chris, I love it and so does she.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Wet One

We had an awesome time this weekend camping with some friends at Greenbrier State Park, here in Maryland. I did not take a single photo all weekend long. Though not my own video, this one kind of sums it all up.