Saturday, October 8, 2011


I am not sure if this gift was intended for me or weather someone else is trying to move in on my girl, but we got an awesome gift last week.

In the mail came this gorgeous 1962 plate from Ohio. My client Chris saw this on Ebay and thought of me(and Anna I suspect). For a number of years now I have been collecting old plates to decorate Frank's Trailer Works with. I mostly go for the old rusted ones collectors all pass on. This plate is not going on the wall however.

Anna will be wearing it proudly. Thank you Chris, I love it and so does she.


TomW said...

Too cool.

I would have NEVER thought about mounting it the way you did. Kudos.


Dave said...

That's pretty awesome.

Are you allowed to use "year of manufacture" plates as regular license plates in your state? Here in CT, I can register a "vintage" car with matching old plates. Looks kinda cool to see an old car with old registrations.