Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My really KILLER weekend Part 5

In any of the previous posts did I mention eating? Did I mention steaks on the grill?

John, that's him on the right. He bought a whole mess of steaks from the local butcher. Rob bought bicolored sweet corn and new potatoes. Steve and I helped John grill the steaks up while Rob and Zoe cooked corn and potatoes. Not sure why, but Zoe often is missed when the photos are taken. Here are the four of us taking a quick beer break from grilling.
Steve takes grilling very serious. His focus was mind blowing. The smell of searing flesh could be had for miles around. I bet folks three valleys down had their mouths a watering.
Linda and Sue are always ready willing able to lend a hand in any situation. They served the kids first and then the adults. Floyd and Dick are wise men. They know not to be shy, but instead, step right up. Floyd is renowned for his insatiable appetite. Saturday night he was sated.
The call went out numerous times to "please eat more steak". But we had so much left over. John could have bought half what he did and it still would have been enough. What a generous fella he is. I know I said it more than once already, but... Thank You, seriously, thanks.
Ace and Steve were talking Scotties and trying to let the beef settle. Ace not only has a killer 1966 Caravel, but he also has two sweet Scotties. We were graced with his 1973 this time around. It was nice to see something besides silver in the mix. However there are Scotties that are all aluminum and they polish up too.
There is Zoe trying to avoid the picture and fix Braedon up with some dessert. You can see Ace's Scotty in the background. People talking amongst themselves in the mid ground. There was a lot of talking going on all weekend. A ton of laughing too. Fortunately there was very little crying.

Who knows what Rob and Jerry are talking about. Perhaps it was about how cool it was of Jerry to donate so many cases of beer to every one. Cheers to Jerry, and thank you again for the kind buzz you supplied me throughout the weekend. I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed the beer.


Brad Norgaard said...

Looks like everyone went away with plump bellies and a wide grin. What a great way to start an inaugural event. Good times we'll get in on one day.


Amanda. said...

Yeah, This weekend was really KILLER.

Amanda Goldberg

Sugarfoot said...

WOW! I've GOT to get there next year. New York or bust.

Frank, your last five posts have been a pleasure to read. Thanks!