Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"X" Marks the Spot

Every treasure map has a giant "X" marking where the the treasure is hidden. Last week the "X" was over Coopers Lake Campground. Under that "X" marking the spot was a huge treasure just waiting to be found. It was mostly silver.

A good number of others also saw the spot marked by the "X". No matter how many times I see trailers rolling in, I get very excited by each and every one of them. Obie stopped everyone on the road and took them around in his golf cart. We wanted to make sure each and every attendee got the perfect site. What makes a perfect site? Each attendee had different parameters of what constitutes a perfect site. Do you want full sun? Water front? Deep shade? Morning sun? Right next to the bath house? We could accommodate just about any situation.

It took very little time for everyone to begin socializing. Many of the attendees have known each other from the past. Some have never met before. In the end, everyone got to know each other very well.

There was great deal of sitting out in the front yard talking with the neighbors.

Even the pets socialized. We let Tim our of his cage to stretch his wings. He was beside himself. The parrot enjoyed getting out too. That parrot liked me, she kept whispering dirty words in my ear. I did not know say when she said "ahhh, hey big boy, want a kiss?"

Some practiced their Tai Chi lakeside. I actually think Rick was worried the IBT would see him having fun instead of slogging through another meeting at the International. We gave Rick 5 amps of power even though he did not ask for it. Sorry Rick, your back in the 5 amp section again.

Thoung(brother if I spelled that wrong forgive me) was smiles from ear to ear. He was always smiling. Thoung brought his family to Bash I last year. It was their first rally. So nice to see so many repeat offenders.

Even the dogs were in bliss with the Bash. No yappers or snappers in the mix. Thank you dog owners for cleaning up behind them. If we could get the Bikers group from the week before to do the same we would have a real good thing.

Only a few boats were put in the lake. I hope to see that number increase next year. Hopefully some of them will be RC boats. I know I will not be forgetting my RC boat next year.

"YO!, DONAL! How much fun ya havin?"

We even had a handful of SOB's in the crowd. This is "Scotty Grove." There were a few Scotty enthusiasts that came. Anyone is welcome at the Bash. One of those Scotties is now for sale because the owners went out during the Bash and bought a 2011 Flying Cloud. They told Ace "If this is what Airstreaming is, we want in. That is how you recruit new members. " My 1960 Fan can be seen to the right. It was Antsy' guest quarters.

Everyone was coming together. I was so proud I cried (literally).


Nicki said...

It sounds like you received much more than you gave. That is quite a blessing. I hope there are more pictures still to come!

Sigv said...


Great job with the Bash II! I can tell you that my family had a fantastic time. Great people, great location, great food and great music! Cannot wait until next year's bash!

Thanks for all of your hard work with the TAC!

-Sig, Dawn, Gunnar, Helen & Vivian