Friday, November 27, 2009

A plug

To the left of this post, you will see my blog list. One of the blogs is by my internet friend Chris Vile. I have plugged his blog before due to it being an excellent read filled with vivid photos of his Airstream restoration. I am sure that most of you reading this have seen his blog and enjoyed it. Chris is a professional cinematographer that specializes in documentary work. His Most recent project is called Airmen and Headhunter. It aired on PBS's Secrets of the Dead. I hope will take some time out of your day to watch it. The documentary examines a part of World War II history very few people know about.
I do not want to spoil anything for you, but it involves a plane crash, a rescue, and some decapitations followed by guerrilla warfare, more headhunting and more rescuing.

Chris is one lucky guy to have a job that takes him to such wonderful locations. Maybe he will take on the real exotic local of Jackson Center and tell the story of Wally Byam someday. Oh, Chris, if you need someone to clean your camera lens or fetch your coffee for you when you do your next project, well, I could be hired cheap.


Aluminium Idler said...

Thanks for the very kind words Frank & I'm glad you (and others) liked the programme.

I can't say I don't love my job and this was a particularly nice project to work on but like a lot of jobs it probably seems a little more glamorous than it actually is.

It was a real priviledge to travel to the highland heart of Borneo & meet some of the elderly Dayaks and be able to tell their story. As it was to meet Dan Illerich, your own home-grown hero, in Texas. But it did take 18 flights in progressively smaller planes, the last being a tiny Cessna flown by the MAF (Mission Aviation Foundation) with 20 boxes of equipment, customs, canoes, leeches, mosquitos, tropical heat, 100% humidity and a wild boar hunt.

I'd love to do a documentary on Wally and the Airstream life - I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one, as it'll allow me to say 'see you down the road with a camera.. '

Cheers Frank


pbear said...

Thanks for the reminder, Frank, as I missed it when it was on TV.

Great story, Chris, and wonderful camera work. Really enjoyed it.


Aluminium Idler said...

Thanks Steve, very glad you enjoyed it and liked the old camerawork.

And thanks to Frank for the free publicity... I think you're fast becoming my Stateside agent !