Thursday, May 22, 2008

and the polishing goes on.

I bought Anna a gift today. It is very important to shower your mistress with gifts. This is her new salt and pepper shaker for the galley.

This is the first cut of polish as many of you know. The surfaces I am dealing with now are around the door and on the roof. I have managed to make a little progress this week, but it has been unbelievably slow. That 4" x 38" strip directly to the right of the door took close to 3 hours. The skin under the door eyebrow was so corroided that I had to drill the eyebrow  off so I could deal with more agressively.

I did some wet sanding to get the 3/32nds of an inch of oxide off the area. I am lead to the conclusion that Anna spent some of her life near salt water. I just cannot understand how so much oxide could have built up under there. This photo might not show it, but that is very thick, almost three times the texture of zolatone.
So after the usual 320, 400, 600, 1000 wet sanding, then F7 nuvite I was left with this...

Can you say live with it?
Here is the curb side. It looks very good from a distance. A 10 at 20 as my friend Steve from high school calls it. I am not even bothering with the panel under the salon window, it will be replaced this winter when I restore the front half of the trailer. In order to do it right the interior panels need to be removed and we have lots of camping on the horizon. I am just not to worried about it now.


John Kwasnik said...

That salt shaker is a nice plastic. Did it come standard in Beatrice trailers?

Sorry. I'm just jealous.

Frank Yensan said...

I do not know what to say about that... except, maybe NO.

Anonymous said...

Anna's a 10 at 10 no matter what the polishing looks like my friend.

But still, all I can say is WOW that streetside has come a long way. Your progess is great!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see you and Anna are getting along again. (crazy kids....)


Karen said...

Frank- Anna looks beautiful. The shot of the rivets made me feel as though I was under water. Interesting. Enjoy the camping with the family.

crowldawg said...

Frank ,what vintage fixtures are you talking about .The 1966? You can have mine .I didn't know how to fix them so I bought the newer one .I know I have the two .I'm not sure about the third one that was by the back wall ( closet) I'll have to look in my boxes of crap .I haven't done that garage clean out yet .I would have to change the name of my blog you can always reach me at the garage or