Sunday, April 13, 2008

where the hell to begin?

I was two days later than I had wanted, but we finally made it to the Cherry Blossom Friday morning.

I had a slight mishap on the way out of the yard. As I turned widely, the fence reached out and grabbed onto the curb side corner. I did not know it happened until I went to double check my running lights. This crease is due to me and I will know it forever. Sure hope Anna forgives me.

The dump valve was bent as a result. A result of the bent handle was that the blue boy became a black boy and I had a nice tote full to empty into my house "clean out".

The main reason to get to the rally was,of course, the bathroom throw down challenge. Here is Sophia, Rob Baker's trailer. He and Zoe had it looking so perfect that I instantly conceded to him. Even though he had no running water and no way of making hot water or holding the black waste in the trailer, I felt his bathroom won. Wait a minute, I had hot water...I had a flushing toilet... he didn't win, he had a nice looking one though. Rob trailer looks very nice and he has done a first class job, cutting no corners or sparing any detail. Colin, well Colin didn't even try. He took the Cobbler son has no shoes cope out. Colin does have a very cool all original trail, I will have to give him credit for that.

I have often said that the $4000 I bought Anna for was worth it, just for the friends I have made, but that would not even cover a deposit on the value of some of my new Airstream friends. This is Steve Klohn. Steve is better known as Byamcaravanner on Airforums, the VAP and his fabulous blog. Steve came all the way from Wisconsin in a borrowed Caravel to be at the CBR and to witness the bathroom show down in person. Our families had a blast together and I look forward to camping with Steve for many years in the future. Steve has been a huge source of support to me during this phase of my project. He has acted as a sounding board to my ideas and has help think things through with me many times. I am very fortunate to have met him and hope to repay the favor some day.

This is Stuart. Stuart has the distinction of being the coolest kid in our unit. Here he is with is a 20 gram remote control airplane that he built. Even after many visits to The Golden Tap, Stuart can fly this thing around perfectly and land it without a wipe out.

Rob Baker gave us a great neon light show on Saturday night. We did a live taping of The VAP from the main tent and the entire rally showed up. Talk about a great time.

Saturday night was a colorful night. Listen to VAP episode 68 and you will understand why.

My youngest had a blast. She never stopped smiling the whole weekend. My older daughter was hard to find. ByamCaravanner's daughter and her became fast friends and they were off somewhere out of sight except to get soda and snacks and to give their Fathers some serious eye rolls that tweens are so good at.

The last night we were blessed with a spectacular sunset. The weather, even though there was some rain never put a damper on the event.


Unknown said...

Hi Frank...I enjoyed your photos of what turned out to be the greatest weekend! You and many others made us Wisconsinites feel so welcome. Although Rob's bathroom was beautiful, I voted very "loudly" for yours!! Your hard work definitely paid off. And...thanks once again to you and your family for all the fun.

Frank Yensan said...

All I can say is the pleasure is all mine... Get in there and help Steve with your Ambassador so we can get out together again soon.