Monday, October 27, 2008

I didn't want to pull the trigger on this target

As many of you have read, I love to pass SOB's. I find great sport in it for some twisted reason. I see one up ahead and the gun is loaded and cocked. I set my sight and it becomes a game to pass. This Sunday I had a hard time with the SOB I came across just North of York Pa.

I saw this and was smitten. She was just tooling along at 55mph in the right hand lane.

The odd thing was that I slowed down too and for about five miles I just rode side by side admiring the ribbed aluminum sides and the tremendous roar of the diesel engine. This girl has some charm that captivated me like I have never experienced before.

The driver gave me the best thumbs up I ever received. The air horn was a nice touch too.

Really hated to beat it on up the road, but home was calling and 55 was too slow for Anna and I.


crowldawg said...

Were you sure Ken Kesey wasn't driving.

John said...

Gotta appreciate the old ones... not AS, but still a classic looking ride. :)

Skip said...

I love the really old buses converted to an RV. The one from this movie is my favorite.