Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deborah Bede and her 1955 Bubble Whaletail named Ruby

Nice things happen to nice people. A few of us desided to do something nice for a member of our unit. Deborah has this cute little 1955 Bubble. She has been in the process of restoring her for a while now. A few of us in the unit thought it would be fun and a giving gesture to polish the trailer in an afternoon.

Deborah has had some panels replaced and other work done at GSM Vehicles. The workmanship was very professional and it stands out boldly in contrast to the rest of the body which has seen many years of hard living. The panels that were not replaced have a great deal of age showing.

As windows were fixed and lights replaced, the contrast has become fairy dramatic. She wanted to even her out so to speak and that is what we did.

I took the roof on. Now you do not see the roof very well, but I think it deserves equal treatment. Would you want some person in a plane looking down on a tranished roof? What is UFOs are real, they might not take you seriously.

Rob Baker and Doug Rowbottom started at ground level. Wayne Moore worked a cotton wheel on some problem areas. A few other people stepped in from time to time to get a feel for it. It was a great group effort.

Maybe two hours total and we had it all done. It is not perfect, a bit of detail work around windows and doors is still required. Now Deborah has a huge head start.

Now that is one fine looking trailer. The smile tells it all.


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Is there any way I could get a picture of the top of her whale tail? I have a 56 too and think mine may have been altered.

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Frank should have a few