Sunday, October 5, 2008

And they saved the best for last....

My unit, the Washington DC Unit, had a rally this weekend and it was without a doubt the best one of the year. No offense to the host and hostesses of all the rallies I attended this year, but for me, this rally was the best one yet. Rob Baker was the host and he graciously allowed me to co- host with him. I was just in heaven from the moment I left for the 1000 mile trip. I left at 2 am on Wednesday morning and headed North to Central New York. Unfortunately my family did not go along on this one. Beth has no more vacation time, and Ava had a test on Friday and Field hockey over the weekend.

At about 4:40 am I woke Rob up. He was waiting for me at a Crackle Barrel in Frackville Pa. He had stopped there for the night and to wait for me to catch up.

We caravaned through the early hours of the morning.

And then we caravaned into the day light hours. 6 hours door to door with a breakfast stop and fuel up at the Flying J. Rob took me to his welder and he fixed my bent bumper. Sorry for no pictures, but it is really not very exciting. We next headed over to the rally sight to layout a wagon wheel.

Funny thing is, that within ten minutes of laying out the wagon wheel in the field, we had trailers showing up. This is what it looked like at the end of Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

We had a great time at the rally. You guys really know how to throw a party!

I love the shirt and the plaque. I will treasure them always. Please post a picture of the plaque when you get a chance. I'm still not sure where to place mine. Any suggestions?

Thanks again,