Monday, October 6, 2008

And then there was the other Friday

Friday afternoon the weather changed dramatically. While eating lunch in some little town between Norwich and Cooperstown it just got nice. Crisp and windy but nice. Rob went on over to his father's house and fetched the tractor so the kids and those adults inclined could go for a ride.

The inclined ones reclined.

And the kids got pumped.

And Braedon drove the tractor while Dad talked flag pole holders with a potential customer.

Not sure, but I think Don was trying to get schooled on how to come across that miracle Field find. Dick bought a Byam Holiday for a song. I wish he would teach me his secrets. He could adopt me if he wanted. More on Dick's Holiday in a future post.

When somethings broke at a rally, tools come out and it gets fixed. Paul (Over59) had a bad hinge. I think it was a case of suicide door meets wind, but cannot be sure. The hinge was all mangled and not allowing the door to close properly.

Wayne (WAM) got right in there and pounded on the hinges and on the doors like he knew exactly what he was doing. Not lightly pounding, but full force wailing on it with a huge rubber mallet. Son of a bitch if it was not fixed in ten minutes. A little more Airstream spirit flowing out to a member of the club.

By late afternoon the wheel was almost complete. Three more would come in after dark. The last trailer would be parked at 8 am the next morning.

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