Monday, October 13, 2008

Pressing issue at hand

I want to go camping very badly. Unfortunately I have to wait another eleven days till that happens, ten if I don't count tomorrow which isn't even here. So to divert my attention I have been trying to keep busy. I have been working on my house a great deal which will be a blog post later in the week. I needed a diversion that involved the whole family. The result was pressing cider.

My good friend Mike Patton has a cider press and we put it to use. Both my girls helped out with the process. Halle mostly picked out the best ones and proceeded to eat then. I feel sorry for her day care lady today.

Ava was a total trooper and helped non stop until everything was pressed. She kept feeding them into the chopper at a steady pace. Bruce is running the chopper which gives the old arms a work out.

We managed about nine gallons of delicious fresh juice. Now to encourage some of it it to get hard so that it can really be cider.


crowldawg said...

Them your own apples? What kind?

crowldawg said...

I know you are a trailer guy but I have one of those presses sitting some where around the Dirty Garage .
Does that one have a shredder ? Do you know where to get one?