Monday, October 27, 2008

What to do when it is raining outside

Not sure how many of you look at your trailers as a fun house, but that is exactly what we turned our trailers into. The weather was less than ideal and we all had to find other things to occupy our time. Anna went and goofed around in the fun house mirrors at the bath house.

So Saturday was not ideal for being outside, but Rob's trailer was ideal for having a family style breakfast. All nine of us sat down and ate breakfast together. Nine for a sit down meal in a trailer, and it wasn't even a double wide. How can anyone say these old girls are not comfortable. After breakfast digested a little we went on a day trip to Cabela's. The idea of going just had me excited as Ava is when she sees candy. I have been buying my work clothes from Cabela's for close to twenty five years now, and finally I was going to visit an actual store. Unfortunately every body within 200 miles had the exact same idea as to how to spend a rainy day. The place was beyond packed. Unfortunately it was not the shopping experience I had hoped for. When I shop from the catalog or the internet, some guy does not just stop his cart right in the main isle and walk away.

The rain continued off and on all day Saturday. It rained heavily right until about 8 pm. We did not even try to go over to the park, for we were certain the rides were closed. Instead we built a big fire and mixed up some adult beverages. You have got to make the best of what you have.

Just to make a point, we had breakfast together again on Sunday too. I am just astonished that nine people can sit down together at a table in an Airstream and have a meal together. Thank you Zoe and Rob for having us all in.

Sunday was one of those postcard days. The weather was perfect and the fall foliage was so brilliant. Sure wish the entire weekend had been this way.

We packed up and got ready to say our "see ya soons..." One last photo together.

Those smiles are for a great season of camping. Sad to think this is the final one of my camping season. Next week Anna goes in for major surgery.

Some good byes to all, and we are off for a little thing called a caravan.

Like I said in my last post, nothing makes the scenery more beautiful than seeing an Airstream in the center of your vision.


John said...

Frank, I am disappointed. I was hoping to see at least the goucho out by now. You have been home for a good 12 hours by now, and no progress has been made?

John said...

Frank, it is so beautiful back there. I hope someday to be able to come back and see all the colors ans maybe squeeze a few apples!!


crowldawg said...

Is it serious?