Sunday, October 5, 2008

Maybe my new favorite aspect of the trailer.

I heard a listener ask the pros on the VAP what a Humphry's Gas lamp is like.

It is bright and puts out a lot of heat. It works great in boon docking situations, where it might be cold and rainy like at the Installation in North Norwich. I used my lamp often and did not use the 12 volt lamps except in the bathroom so I could see where I was shaving. If you have one of these lamps on the wall and have never used it, now is the time to discover how totally cool this part of your unit is. I like it so much that soon I will be putting one in the bathroom too.


crowldawg said...

Did you install that light ? Or did it come with the coach? .Is there a separte line for it or a bottle on the other side of the wall?

Frank Yensan said...

that is how it came Tom. The line "tees" under the fridge and travels up in the pantry.

utee94 said...

Very important to illuminate the booze. An absolute must in any camper.

I have one too, but it's on the street side, it tees off the gas line that goes to the range. But mine is not as cool as Frank's, no globe, just a metal mesh. I might install one that is more like Frank's someday.


crowldawg said...

I ordered one the other day.One small problem .The upper storage doors are going to hit it if its mounted as high as yours
I'll have to mount it a little lower so the doors clear it.
The shortcomings of owning a short trailer.