Monday, October 6, 2008


Friday was a morning just like the previous two, more cold and rainy. The weather guys were promising a change was going to happen that morning. Instead of sitting around I went out on a day trip.

I had purchased a water decal for Howe Caverns and even though it was about two hours drive I ventured out. I was accompanied by Kay and Roman. Roman is also known as Boatdoc on the AirForums. We had spoken on the Forums a few times, but did not know each other at all. Well, to be honest it was an excellent day. We had stimulating conversation on everything from the economy, religion and the damn election. Never once did anyone blow their top and it was very pleasant. Two strangers brought together by aluminum. We took a scenic route there that passed through many small towns and villages. The landscape of Central New York is very beautiful and if you have not visited yet, I highly recommended you do.

Waiting for us at the Caverns were Don, Amanda, and Donal (Mistral Blue on the Forums) and also Jane and Paul (Over59). They had come up or down from Connecticut and had spent the night in the parking lot waiting for us to come over from Norwich. We all took the tour together.

Howe is like so many of the commercial caves you visit. Most of the fine stalagtites and stalagmites have been removed over the years and colored light attempt to make up for that. There were many beautiful formations, but for the most part the cave was devoid of most of them. This has been a commercial cave for a long time and with all the thousands of visitors, the hand of man has a tendency to destroy the works of countless years of geological creation.

A photo op... Me and my good friends the Mistral Blues

Somewhere between Howe and Norwich the weather suddenly changed. Though it remained crisp, the weather was very nice.

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