Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the road again....

As Colin Hyde said on The Vintage Airstream PodCast episode 83... "Now you officially have Aluminitis Frank." It is true, I am deeply afflicted. I brought home a second Airstream today.

Here is serial number J126 60 48. So that makes her a 1966 Overlander international twin. The forty eighth one off the line. This girl is the exact same age as me.

This trailer has been off the road for the past four years. It was towed four hours from Western Maryland to just North of Baltimore.It has just been sitting in the owner's son's yard collecting mold, mildew, vermin, and water ever since. Previously is just sat at the previous owners yard without moving for twenty four years.

At some point a caravan was probably taken for the WBCCI numbers 12380 are still on it though they are now just ghost letters. Unfortunately the back hatch is missing. These hatches are notorious for blowing off on the highway. Good thing none of the Corning windows blew off, they are all original glass.

A fairly good exterior with just one major scratch. A few small ones here and there, but fortunately no dents to the skin. The belly has a few dents in it, but they all look as if the could be pushed out.

Mahogany interior all 100% original and unmolested. A major cleaning of the entire trailer is coming. Many of the previous owners possessions are still in the cupboards. I will have a good time sorting through all of that.

A very neat thing I did find was the shower door that folds up and tucks into the wall. A very cool advancement after mine was built. The entire thing is just filthy as can be.

So by now you might be asking, why? Why do you need another trailer? The answer is I don't. I only bought this one so it could get back on the road. My intentions are to clean this one up, make it road worthy and then sell it. Someone out there is looking for this girl and when they find her, they will fall instantly in love. It is not every day that one this complete comes along. From a restoration stand point, this is an excellent canidate. It will need frame work and flooring replaced as they all do. Things need to be updated, but she is a sweet girl just waiting for someone to love her.


crowldawg said...

Did I miss something? Where did you find it(I know craigs list)
Shit, it as old as you .I was getting handed my High School diploma in '66 the same year they made mine as well

alumanutz said...

Good to see you finally got smart and got a 66!!
You will fall in love with it and keep it. Its a disease!

3ms75argsoy said...

Ok, she's not as bad as I thought.. the orginial post I thought the windows where replaced with plywood... my bad.

She looks good, even with all that dirt. Better buy Anna some new axles quick... she might get jealous!

You aren't taking the whole floor off, are you?

Chuck said...

Hey Frank...I might have an extra rear hatch for you...The extra I have fits a 1968 safari...I am not sure about the measurements, so send me what you need and I will measure what I have...congrats on the addition to the family!

silverhobby said...

Hi Frank, Looks like a good candidate for your creative hands. It will be a desireable coach when you get through updating it. Have fun and keep us posted. Kevin

John said...

That's pretty cool how you got a lisence plate number so close to the one on your other trailer!