Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am open

Anyone have a good suggestion of how to deal with this stuff?

The walls are this vinyl clad material. Everywhere through out the trailer it looks like this door. Not sure what the mildew feeds on, but it likes the clad walls. It does not grow anywhere but there. In the bathroom the cabinets are some kind of slick white lacquer and it has not grown there at all.

This is the worst looking of all the areas. I do not want to test out a bunch of products, I want to go right to "the stuff" and make these walls new again. I know bleach will kill it, but I want it totally clean too. I will be glad to entertain any suggestions short of fire.


crowldawg said...

My 66 also has vinyl walls. My problem was cooking grease and tobacco smoke , a lovely mixture!My wife tried all kinds of cleaners but I read about POR marine clean on AIR forums.We liked that . Get a small bottles and see if you agree.I got the original bottle from vintage trailer but went right to the source when I started buying gallons.POR has its own website
I live near the water and my trusty friend for doing away with mildew is the cheapest bleach I can find mixed 50/50 with water using a garden sprayer .Use lots of ventalation if you are spraying inside and a half face respirator.
I decded to keep the vinyl after reading the horror show accounts on the forums about removing the glue that holds it on .I actually removed a small section from one of the upper storage compartments .No Thanks
I'll post some pictures of the after I don't have any befores

alumanutz said...

Frank, I have been using TSP and "Mr. Clean scrubbing sponges" but mine is not quite as bad as yours. I am thinking of painting the interior after reinstalling. John