Saturday, November 29, 2008

Needs cleaning and bad

So many products to choose and I hit gold on the first try. I read some threads on the Airforums as to all the products people use, asked some friends what they use, but ultimately it came down to einy meanie moe.

I went with the Clorox Clean-up Cleaner with bleach. Kind of a redundant name, but very effective. I sprayed it on and waited about fifteen seconds. I then used Mr Clean Magic Eraser upon Rob Bakers recommendation to scrub the mildew off. It was very effortless. Next I used a wet rags followed by a dry rag.

Some areas were just filthy beyond belief. I thought there was very little hope going in.

Talk about transformation.


3ms75argosy said...

Frank - have you come up with a name for the new girl (or boy?)?

Frank Yensan said...

Mark I am just the guy that rescued her. Her next owner will name her. I am turning this one over and letting someone else have all the fun.

utee94 said...

Oh, she has a name.

"Charlotte Too"

Yup, that's it.