Saturday, November 22, 2008

and now I have become a pimp

I am buying another Airtstream. This is her, a 1966 International Overlander. By the time most of you read this, she will be sitting in Anna's usual parking spot within the fence. I found this trailer through a Craig's List ad that Steve Klohn (Byamcaravanner) forwarded me. He and a number of my friends are constantly scanning the classifieds for good deal on vintage trailers. I mostly don't even take a glance and delete them. This time, I actually called. One thing lead to another and I will be picking up my second Airstream today. More details will be posted soon on the Sisdysix. In order to bring her home, I had to make Anna put out. I had to make her work it a bit.

Anna had to give up her parking spot, her tires and her tag in order to allow me to bring another girl home. She now sits on cribbing in my friend Michael's yard. I tucked he in next to his studio and left her there on the cribbing, axles dangling in the air.

I feel so bad about treating her this way, sure hope she understands my motivation. Mike suggested I take this opportunity to polish the belly pan. I will take this opportunity to measure up for the axles I need to get. Stay tuned for recovery pictures later today.

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3ms75argosy said...

Oh Frank, what have you done? No windows (water damage), dents in the belly pan.... I can picture the insides... Anna won't get jealous... even though you are using her accessories to get her home (she's a streetwalker.....)....

Oh man, I couldn't be more excited!! More AS blog entries! Hope the house is done!
Best of luck!