Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My very good friend Marcus whose blog is linked here on mine just pointed out to me an error in my blog. Here is the conversation between Marcus Moyer, Rob Baker and myself:
Marcus Moyer
5:57 PM
January 3rd, 2008: "Soon I will seal the ends to prevent moisture from being wicked up in the ends of the sheet. Because this is marine plywood, sealing the ends is an unnecessary step, but I will do it any how."
5:57 PM
Rob Baker
5:58 PM
say one thing, do another - Frank's way
Marcus Moyer
5:58 PM
Golderned lying hippie bastage!

So to set the record straight I want to say that I DID NOT use the epoxy. I went on to other things and it did not happen. Marine grade plywood is put together with waterproof glue and it is not really necessary. Sorry if any one was confused, I did not mean to mislead anyone. I am human and I too err.


utee94 said...

No worries at all my friend, I was just confused.

As usual, your Airstream guidance has led me away from the Darkness and into the Light.


John said...

I feel like I can't trust you anymore,man. It's like I don't even know you.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, the wood itself is not impervious to water.

Marine-grade plywood sounds good, but wood is wood, and will swell when in contact with water. The glue will not, but the wood will.

My opinion.


alumanutz said...

Frank, I had the opportunity to tour a plywood mill here in N.Cal before we started shipping all that overseas. Only the glue is waterproof. The outside ply's of wood can still absorb water, swell and split. It doesn't take long to hit it with sealer and never have to worry about it again.

Frank Yensan said...

All right, I guess I erred again then. I do know this as fact. In 1962 no sealer was used and the plywood was not as good a quality as it is today. No, I did not seal it as most do today, but If the floor holds up as well as the original did, then I will be very happy. Hopefully my care for the trailer will keep water from leaking in and destroying the new plywood. It is too late now and I am not worried.