Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bling Bling

Even against the wishes of some of my most respected friends, I made "a change". I consulted many friends about this "change" and they all said DON'T. They told the law will not like it and hassle me constantly. They feel I do not need any extra hassles from the law. They say it is tacky like fuzzy dice and bobble head poodles, a fad that ran it's course and needs not be revived. But I just did not listen and went ahead and did it anyhow. I THINK BLUE DOT TAIL LIGHTS ARE FUCKING COOL!!!

It all began with drilling a 15/16" hole in the lens. Now this is an act of faith because these Bargramm 99's are not cheap and that is a big hole. I installed them right into the hole as the instructions said. I went the extra step and used a small bead of clear epoxy to bond it in. One evening soon I will hook up and get the full night time effect. I am sure the truckers and Rob will be mesmerized next time we caravan in the early morning hours, unable to take his eyes off the glow that seemed powered by some unnatural force.


alumanutz said...

I think it is "Bitchen" I just hope you don't get rear ended ( or prop 8'ed as we say in Ca.) by these guys following too close to check them out.

Denman said...

I think they are freakin' cool too. Glad you went ahead and did it.


Jaime said...

Great Frank, but how about adding some Under Trailer Lighting too?

utee94 said...

Not ALL of your "consultants" said no. I told you I dug 'em.

Now you are just as cool as I am with my roll-out awning!


Anonymous said...

Light it up man!

I wanna see it in all its glory.



Skip said...

I like it and look forward to the lighted photo.

I agree about the glow lighting for under the trailer. That would rock!! I cannot, so far anyway, convince Wife to let me do that.

Anonymous said...

"...and Rob will be mesmerized next time we caravan in ..."

Perhaps you should LEAD Rob so that you will know when he runs out of gas. :D

VAP listener in AL