Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blood letting ritual

I am without a doubt a strange cat. I have this weird belief that once blood is spilled, what ever is being done will go well from that point forward. Well, today when I began working on Anna, I almost immediately sliced my thumb and it bleed like crazy. There was blood dripping all over the place... from that point forward, it was smooth sailing. This is not so strange, the Maya and Inca demanded blood sacrifice of their nobility daily. I am not too far out there.

This is where I am as of today. I have replaced and mounted all the "C" channel. The only "C" channel still left to do is at the water heater opening. I am planning to bend some more aluminum to frame in for the water heater, so I am saving that area until my aluminum arrives from Air Parts Inc. Also coming in the shipment is my new belly pan material. I will be fabricating that in the days to come. Sure would be nice if the aluminum was to arrive before the weekend. They are also sending me a mess of clecos, so the bucking of rivets will begin soon.

Here is some of the new "C" channel I made on my break. I attached it using slotted screws... slotted screws with hex heads. I also used rubber washers to keep any electrolyicis from happening. I still need to drill for some elevator bolts around the perimeter, but, first I need to go to Fastenal and buy more.

There is this steel angle that bolts down through the out rigger and it also bolts down through just the floor. Later I will be riveting through everything into this angle. This is one spots where all the aspects of the monocote form join together. I had to reproduce the one on the curb side, due to sweeping it up in a fit of clean up frenzy.

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the byamcaravanner said...


You did a great job of describing the mystery angles... 'cause the picture in my mind and the one here on the blog are one in the same. It looks like that will work just fine. Don't forget to find a piece of material to put between the aluminum and steel that will separate the dissimilar metals.

BTW... I like your first aid kit.