Saturday, January 12, 2008

moving forward, never straight...

well what a great few days this has been, I have bounced back from near death and jumped right on the horse and started galloping. I sanded out the runs on the tub and re sprayed with the new color. If you like it, Nyquist will be glad to send you some. It is listed as Anna Overlander aqua in their data base.

My new grey tank came so off I went to the steel yard and bought some bar stock and angle to use in fabricating the tank restraint system. I welded it all in place and I am very happy with where it sits in the frame.

The tank does hang down below the belly pan, but it is difficult to see unless you are looking for it.

Next will be to start running the drain lines. Tomorrow is another day.

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the byamcaravanner said...

Great progress! you'll be happy with the addition of the grey tank.

You may want to restrain you flowing locks next time you fire up the welder. Burnt hair smells really bad.