Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We are out scouting...

Beth and I have been wanting to move somewhere less populated. Last year we got somewhat serious about the idea and began scouting out some possible places we would feel comfortable living in. Last summer we went to Wyoming and checked it out as a possible state to move to. Later in the fall we went to New Mexico and pretty much fell in love. We liked it so much that we decided to make a second trip to see it in the winter. We made our first stop in Madrid. We have a good friend name Tim O'Neil that lives in Madrid.

The sun rise was more than spectacular at 7 degrees.

Tim is a silver smith that is one of the few jewelers to have his own turquoise mine. Not only does he have his own mine, but it is Cerrillos turquoise. Turquoise from Cerrillos was worn by Montazuma in his breast plate. It is the most unique and precious of all the turquoise. We went out to The Tough Nut Mine to see if we could find some nice nuggets. Nothing stellar was found, but it was a lot of fun none the less.

Next stop was Taos.

If we were to move to New Mexico, Taos would be it. The place is very wonderful. There is simply no other way to describe it. If you have been there, you know, if you never have, you should go. We went up into the mountains and went sledding at 9400 feet.

During the trip we saw many Airstreams.

We saw the full range from a 54 Cruiser, to a 07 Safari. During the five days I would estimate we saw at least 30 units.

The one consistent thing I noted was that never once did I see any red numbers. This fact bothered me tremendously. As A WDCU, WBCCI member, I am saddened to see how unpopular my club is or has become. I look at the lack of red numbers as a challenge. It is time to do something about it. I guess I am fortunate to belong to a unit that is active and growing.

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65GT said...

Don't be sad. If you promote it they will JOIN!

Did you leave any membership packets on those Airstream doors?

How about a few club promotional links?

by the way -- you should be checking out the:

website while you're traveling to see what's available to you as a WBCCI member! Happy Trails!

This is a great place to build a club from. Are you part of the Airstream WebRing?

Happy Trails,