Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a word of caution

I do not have any nice photos for you in this post, just a word of caution. I had eye surgery today. The reason for the eye surgery was to remove the rust ring created by a chunk on metal that tried to make my eye it's home. I am religious about wearing safety glasses. Safety glasses have kept many objects from getting into my eyes and some days they are on my face when I come in for dinner. However, safety glasses will not keep objects from bouncing into your eyes from the side. I was under Anna running the grinder the other day and as many of you know, the grinder throws stuff everywhere. A small bit of metal somehow bounced in. I thought nothing of it at first and went to bed. The next morning it was still there and I could see it. I waited all day to go seek medical attention, for I had to watch my youngest girl all day. When my wife came home I went to the hospital to take care of it. After five hours at the hospital,it was out. The problem is the rust that was left behind, it had to be removed, and that required surgery. So today, instead of working, I had some rust dug out of my eye. Lucky for me everything went well and within a few days I will be back to normal. so what I want to say with all this? Next time you use a grinder, wear safety goggles not safety glasses. And always wear hearing protection!


the byamcaravanner said...

Are you saying you should have been wearing your PORMDS?

...that would be Peripheral Ocular Rusty Metal Deflection System.

I'm glad the Doc managed to return you to your formerly perfect self. Eyes tend to be a useful body part.

DPeakMD said...

Sorry to hear about your corneal FB experience, Frank. I'm an ER doc so I see these a lot! Always wear your safety glasses--and your welder's googles, too! Good luck with the "Throwdown"...I've enjoyed your comments on the AirForums and on the VAP.

-Dallas (DPeakMD on AirForums)