Monday, January 14, 2008

The second time worked more gooderer for TRS

Last night I discovered that I had messed up with my tank restraint system (TRS).

The tank has a flange on three sides that happens to fit almost perfectly into the frame and the flanges of the cross members. Unfortunately, the elevator bolts cannot be installed to hold down the floor if the tank is in there. I cut out all the steel I had used to create the first TRS and proceeded to do it over... no really, over 1 1/2", as in I moved it over 1 1/2".

Now the edge of the tank is just shy of the cross member and the new TRS actually does a much better job restraining the tank. You might call it an improved TRS. I love saying tank restraint system if you haven't gathered.

The bars that hold the tank have washers and nuts welded to them so bolting and unbolting the tank is easy done from below. A total of five bolts hold it all in without it moving.

The tank does hang down below the belly pan, however I am not bothered by it. There will be some purists that will poo, poo, on this, but it is my trailer and it does not bother me one bit. Next step is to paint all the frame that had not been previously. There is a lot paint that burned off of the backside of the frame behind the welds. I will wire brush and hit it with more Eastwood. I also need to paint all the parts of the TRS.
After I finish the frame it will be on to plumbing all the waste lines that run below the floor and installing the new floor.

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