Monday, February 4, 2008

This one's for Rob Baker...

The push is on to get the shell attached fully so that I can put the inner skins on so I can finish this trailer. In order to do that I need new belly pans, or two quarters of a belly pan. I purchased some 5052 or is it 5053, something like that... These are 4' x12' sheets of 50 50 something from Air Parts inc.

Here is one of the originals, looking at the inside. The part of the pan that is to the left is the rear. The brown streaking is where water and rotting wood have been flowing, unchecked for a long time. I am sure that it probably had some mouse urine in it too...

... and snake poop, big black snake poop. I could not capture it on film too well, but there are many different sizes of skins on the belly pans. This black snake lived in this trailer for a while, shedding many times as it ate all the mice. I know how much you love snakes Rob, so I am dedicating this post to you.

There is lots of corrosion to the belly pan, huge access hatches screwed on, and some creative patch jobs.

Here is a classic, a Coleman fuel can, painted silver after it rusted up.

I bent everything flat again and clamped it to a new sheet.

Next I traced everything out, and yep cut it out using electric shears and hand shears.

Not to bad for an beginner, eh?... Virtually an exact copy of the original. Hello, anyone want to come buck some rivets?

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the byamcaravanner said...

Ya gotta love the shinny new aluminum. Are you going to "restore" the "vintage" patches?

I think you need to include some snake-skin upholstery in your renovation to pay homage to Anna's former residents.