Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sam, Did I say thank you yet?

Monty came over yesterday and we bucked the street side belly pan into place. The ground around Anna is like pudding. I had to put down plywood to keep from wallowing in it.

The second time was a charm, for this time we were able to install it without dents and tears. I actually went in like it was made for it. The only bucking left to do is the rear section between the frame rails. When I went to tuck the belly pan in, I realized I had forgotten to paint the outside of the rear cross member. The weather has been less than cooperative in allowing me to paint it until today. I will tuck the last of the pan up into the rear tomorrow after the Eastwood has cured. Monty does not seem to mind coming over because it gives him an excuse to come eat a meal at our house.

Sam Baldwin, I want to say thanks. Thank you for the parts from your former water heater that allowed me to create this door for my new Atwood. I was able to install it today and it looks very sweet to me. I would say this is a major improvement over way a previous owner had done it.

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