Thursday, February 14, 2008

Everyone needs a friend like Monty

If you do not have a friend like Monty, well, I feel sorry for you. Monty is the kind of guy that not only helps you when you ask, but gets excited to be helping you. He has a real positive attitude about everything and is really a pleasure to know.

Last Saturday Monty came over and we made a stab at installing the new belly pans. The first thing we did was rivet on the plate to cover where the old water heater was.

We then went on to struggle with the belly pan on the street side. We had no clue as to how it went and spent three hours fighting a sheet of aluminium that was smarter than us.

It ended up creased, torn and dented. I knew I had been beat and called it a day.
And another day.
And another day.
And then some more days, until today.

I ordered a new sheet of 5052 from Airparts inc. and began slowly working the curb side belly pan up and in. Instead of fighting it, I just rubbed and caressed it until it curved and bent and slid gently into place. It is now ready for drilling, clecos, and then rivets. No creases this time, just a smooth compound curve. Monty offered to come tomorrow and go back at it. Hopefully we get the shell all back on, it took a bit of learning how, but now it is coming together.

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