Monday, August 18, 2008

Shore had a great time

Jersey Shore Haven was this weekends destination. One of my good buddies Dave is a shareholder at this Land Yacht Harbor and invited us to come down and camp with him. The location is excellent being 15 minutes from the beach and half way between Atlantic City and Cape May. For us this was a one tank weekend. I made sure to fill up before we left New Jersey, it was $3.34 per gallon and they pumped it to boot.

The campground was super clean and well cared for. Each site is nestled into the trees. There were blueberries in prime ripeness everywhere just begging to be picked. We had the most delicious pancakes one of the mornings. Many of the sites are seasonal lots and quite a few are permanent sites for some of the Airstreams. Dave told me that over 100 trailers are there at any time during the season.

Anna was right at home in the trees. I was told seven times that I had the shiniest trailer in the park. It was not a long stretch, for most of the trailers were late 1970's through late 1980's. Quite a few new trailers were scattered through out the park too. In a later post, I will highlight some of the trailer I saw there.

To really top things off, right across the road from us was Vintage Thunder!!!! Amanda, Don, and Donal came down too. They came as a birthday gift to me, for on saturday I turned 42. We have come to love Don and Amanda deeply, having camped with them virtually every month since spring. I hope everyone reading this has the divine pleasure of getting to know them on a personal level. These folks are very fun to hang out with and they have intense Airsream Spirit. Thank you guys again for a wonderful weekend, and thanks for humoring me by pretending to be staying the extra night only to slip away right after we went to bed. I now know how some of those girls felt back in college. If any of those girls are reading this, sorry. No seriously, sorry.

Well during the weekend we managed to do all the things one is supposed to do on vacation at the beach. We went to the pool at Jersey Shore Haven and ate lolly pops. Halle calls them Pee Pops, and asked for another continuously. The pool was ultra clean and the perfect temperature. Al, one of the staffers, takes great pride in his pool and it shows.

We ate lots of good food all throughout the weekend. Often it was done communally in someone's site.

We went to the beach for the day on Saturday. The day was perfect... Beth's Grandfather would have said, "It is sore peter weather, so good you just can't beat it" We lounged on the beach in Avalon the entire day and all took in a bit too much sun. Don and I took in a few too many beers too. In the left of the photo you see Dave. Thanks again Dave for having us down.

Here is my attempt at the minds eye photography... see how many people you can find. The first four are very easy, there are more.


silverhobby said...

Having never been to Jersey Shore, I thank you for the pictures in your post. It looks like a beautiful park. Anna is shiny, and you know it. You must be like a dear friend of mine in a NC. His trailer is NEVER shiny enough for his liking.

Frank Yensan said...

I highly recommend a visit to Jersey Shore Haven. The photos of Anna are very deceptive. The only part that is done is the front end cap. When you get up close you see that there are thousands of scratches in the skin. Both sides are still not even polished at all, it is just the first cut of the oxide. I am not aiming for shiniest trailer, I just want it to all be uniform.

Anonymous said...

Mojitos from scratch, big thick steaks, ice cold beers, lumberjack breakfasts, blue skies all day long, Wildwood for the kiddies, tunes deep into the clear, cool nights, terrific company among a sea of 'Streams and margaritas sent down from heaven above.

Ahhhhh....... Thank you for a GREAT weekend Yensan's.


John said...

man, all you guys out actually enjoying your Airstreams. I'm jealous, but motivated to keep banging away on mine. Frank, I can't wait to camp with you.