Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good times always call for two posts

I had an exceptionally good time camping at Jersey Shore Haven. The campground was full of Airstreams, amounting to the most I have ever seen in any one place at the same time.

One of the first things that struck me was how many Excella and Limited there were. The place is the land of late 1970 to late 1980. Most all trailers are big girls too, triple axle 34 footers. The small trailers were the Overlanders. There were a few older trailers, such as the 1963 Globetrotter and Dave's 1964 Safari sitting next to a 1964 Globetrotter. The 63 just had a new panel installed not to long ago.

Here is the trailer sales company in Florida that the original owner purchased it from.

There were also some somewhat obscure units around like this MOHO. I vote to let it in the club. I tried many times to locate the owners, but they were not around. I really wanted to see the inside.

How often do you see an Airstream fifth wheel? Seriously, how often? Well I saw four. Once again I tried to see the inside of any of the four, and no one was home.

A squarestream... no comment.

Now how many years of service to the club is that? To who ever you are, Thanks.

Brand new paint on this Argosy 20. I really liked the cloud patterned glass used in the rear. The folks that owned this one have another there full time. They were super nice to us.

Well, I thought I had the oldest trailer in the park until I found this sad looking old girl.

She is a 1960 Sovereign of the road. This girl needs some one to love her. Whoever owns her is not giving her any loving and it breaks my heart to see.

She did have nice knockers....

And then there was the brand new 2008 Bambi owned by Jane. Jane was there with her parents camping. Dad sleeps in the cot tent under the awning. It was a very cool Cabelas item intended for the hunter that needs everything, however it worked well as an ad hoc bedroom.

Much more modern than my tastes, but I still liked it a lot. Cute little thing it was.

No camping trip would be complete without the SOB sighting.

we sighted this wannabee Airstream SOB in Wildwood on the boardwalk. Dr. Suess, your umpalumpas are looking for your trailer.

And then there was this guy I had to pass....

I actually felt bad passing him for when I did he was snapping photos of me too. I wonder is some guy with a Scamp blog is posting about the Airstream that passed him in Delaware.


Anonymous said...

Nice place Frank and nice knockers! When will you be back on the vap? The Vap needs you. I'm looking forward to your next session.

Anonymous said...

Frank, Do you have any advice about going LED for interior and exterior lighting? Wiring advice in general?

Frank Yensan said...

Please sign off with your name so I know who I referring to...
I do not know when I will be asked to be back on the VAP. I am ready at every taping if the need arises. I think this is a question you need to ask of Tim Shephard. You can contact him through I hope to be asked again soon to participate.
I have not installed any LED lighting as of yet. I plan to use it in many areas of the front when I renovate it this winter. From what I understand, the system operates off of 12 volt so splicing into the current system should be easy. I am not a fan of LED as tail lights. They are becoming very popular in the vintage community. I realize it is much brighter than the traditional bulb, but I just like the look of the traditional bulb style marker lights.

bnc4k said...

Hi Frank, I noticed that you refer to all of the units as girls, i.e. the '60 sovereign of the road...Leroy might have to have a uprising and demand some male attention! Guys need TLC too.
p.s. why didn't you just hook up with this girl and bringher some. She's old enough for your isn't she?

Frank Yensan said...

Carol, you have not realized it yet, but they are all shes. You call he Leroy, but that is not really her name. It is kind of like a boy names Sue, only reversed.

bnc4k said...

I believe they are only all girls to you because you are a guy, just like men like to give their boats girl names. Maybe I'll use Tony, or Shannon, or Jordan, or Tracy, or Stacie, or Bobbie, or Kelley, or Chris,that way you can't tell what the gender is or I'll just call it "Big L" that could stand for Leroy or Lucy. What do you think?