Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anna got new some new bling from Daddy

I felt so bad about the scratch I created that I had to do something nice for Anna, the guilt has been tremendous... A song just came on the Itunes I am listening to and it it could not be more fitting... John Prine, 'That's the Way the World Goes Round'...

I know a guy that's got a lot to lose.
He's a pretty nice fellow but he's kind of confused.
He's got muscles in his head that ain't never been used.
Thinks he own half of this town.

Starts drinking heavy, gets a big red nose.
Beats his old lady with a rubber hose,
then he takes her out to dinner and buys her new clothes.
That's the way that the world goes 'round.

So just like the fella in the song, I bought my old lady some new clothes.

New numbers always makes a lady that much more elegant. The last set of lettering were too thin and were easily lost in the reflections. I thought she needed something better.

I know I will get lots of questions on how I did that, so here it goes in advance. The decal comes in a sheet like this. I went to Fastsigns, and Angel asked me what I wanted it to say, how big, what font, and what color. They lay it out and 24 hours later you receive a sheet that looks like this. I then cut it apart into lines.

The next thing is to position it exactly where you want it to be. Tape is used at the center of the line to hold it in place.

Next, you peel back half of the back sheet and tear it off. Slowly you rub it into place from the center.

Then you peal back the other side and apply that. The last thing is to remove the cover sheet.

And then you have something that looks like this....


crowldawg said...

Frank ,
What determines the WBCCI numbers .Our vehicles are about the same vintage and I'm sure we joined during the same epoch .My numbers are 1600 and something .I'm a long way from putting mine on
Is there a ryme or reson how they assign those numbers?
My globetrotter has an old WBCCI globe on it so I assume that one of the PO's had registered it before

Frank Yensan said...

The number I got were the ones they sent me. I was too green to know one could actually choose from the open numbers. I am just fine with 7183. I did use a different font than the decals they gave me. I wanted a more old fashion look, even though I think the size and font of the standard issue has remained unchanged for a long time. The color is deeper than the issue red too, it looks more old timey. The photos show pretty well how it pops out now. I am very pleased. Do you think anyone will have trouble locating me at a rally?

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic!!

Really, really, REALLY cool.

I can't wait to see it in person!

Well done, amigo.


bnc4k said...

I LOVE John Prine!
ps: are you not "speaking" to me anymore because I won't give up Leroy?

Frank Yensan said...

I am not ignoring you... but I bet when you do look for a new steward for Leroy, I will be the first person you call.

Barry Norgaard said...

At least the song you were singing wasn't "Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand :) "

The decals look very cool. I wish I was closer to polishing. I did buy a pound of Nuvite #7 for the first cut. I thought if I started that, at least it wouldn't look quite so sad.