Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back in the groove again...

After a seemingly long absence from polishing, I have recently gotten the urge. It might be that I have a half polished turd, or it might be the new cyclo I got from Vintage Trailer Supply, regardless, I am back at it. I was able to bust the oxide on my first go around, or first cut. I have a new regiment for polishing and I find it works well. The first thing I do is fix a strong adult beverage with plenty of ice. Plenty of ice is needed to keep it cool for a while and dilute it's strongness. The next thing is to create the mood. Yesterday I got into the mood with some super funky music. I put on Dee Lite, "Groove is in the heart" to kick things off, I followed that with some Paliment, and then to round it all off I put on Della Soul... The next think I do is wipe an entire panel off with MEK. The MEK mixes nicely with the booze and get things going, I call it "GETTING NICE"... Next I do the entire panel with "C" Nuvite on the compounder. I then follow it up with the cyclo and some "A" Nuvite on a fresh terry cloth bonnet. Flip the bonnet over and finish the panel. Move on to the next panel....

The pictures do not always do justice to the subject matter. Sometimes the detail I try to capture, just does not make it into the picture. The part you see to the left is the first cut done with Diamond Brite Tool Box Polish after three months. I am not pleased with the way it has held up. You are also looking at where I started with all this, so my attention to detail was much better 20 hours in, as opposed to 165 hours into it.

The reflection is now quite brilliant in the areas done by the this new regiment. Not only do I feel good, but I feel good about the way it looks now. I will never win the shiniest trailer award with Anna, but she sure looks good. All this polishing is leading up to seam sealing and new graphics for the old girl. Stay tuned for that soon.


bnc4k said...

new cyclo polisher huh? must be nice to have money to burn! It also must be nice to be at the polishing point! We WILL get there!

Alumanutz said...

Looks awfully shiny for a guy that hates to polish!

Jim said...

Frank, Did'nt you mean "Dee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart"


This will now become my polishing start it up!

Hey Frank, why not add to your blog, what your listening to now. We can start a list of some preferred polishing music?

Here is a link to a cool goodie to do that directly on your blog:Visit!